TARGET Product Line

Our TARGET products offer attack intelligence and multi‐threat reporting from within a single interface. Through the combination of on premise attack intelligence sentinels and our cloud‐based reporting engine, security administrators have a unique perspective into operational security analytics. Your SOC can report on and quickly react to incoming threats or intrusion attempts through our unique threat analysis algorithms and proactive threat intelligence notification tool. The sentinel is a selfcontained appliance that can be installed and operational within hours. Access to the cloud‐based security management and reporting console leverages next‐generation data analytics that provide powerful insight into the appliance’s health and the behavior of its digital surroundings. A unique blend of network reconnaissance and predictive analytics provide additional insight into threat modeling and suggestive proactive scenarios that will foster an agile, adaptive security regimen for any sized environment.

TARGET1000 Series
Appliance with single network monitoring agent and cloud‐hosted reporting engine

TARGET2000 Series
Appliance with dual network monitoring agent and cloud‐hosted reporting engine

Additional services for these products are available:

  • System installation services
  • Product deployment and customization
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Specialized customizations

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