Telecommunications Services

Your Telecommunications Professionals

Many of our employees are on assignments at the largest service providers in the south. These personnel are supporting the telecommunications industry in a variety of areas such as systems testing, regulatory support, local number portability, quality assurance, product management and service order processing. Our cable installers are certified and have decades of experience in enterprise-level environments.

Network Planning

  • Network Design
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Testing
  • Network Performance Analysis
  • Equipment Infrastructure Support
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Other Services

  • Central Office Switches
  • PBX systems
  • CPE  (Customer Premises Equipment)
  • Peripherals
  • Outside & inside Technologies
  • WAN/LAN, VPN and Wireless
  • Networks
  • Firewall Design & Implementation
  • Network Security & Intrusion Detection
  • Voice over IP Telephony
  • Video Conferencing & Video Streaming
  • WAN/LAN Intercom & Paging Systems
  • Fault Tolerant & High Availability
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